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Hand injury claims can arise from a number of different types of accidents. They are very common in work related accidents, especially with regards to people that work with machinery. But hand injuries are equally as common from trips and slips. This is because it is a natural reflex when you slip or fall to put your hands out in an attempt to protect yourself. Whilst this may help to protect your head, back and other parts of your body, it can cause significant injuries to your hands.

How much is my hand injury claim worth?

As with other personal injury claims, how much compensation you may be entitled to for your hand injury claim will depend on the type of hand injury and how long the injury lasts for. If you have been unable to work due to your hand injury, you should also be entitled to claim compensation for your loss of earnings.

Types of hand injury claims

A hand injury claim can be made following a number of different types of hand injuries. This can range from a broken hand, a fractured hand, tendon damage, nerve damage, cuts and lacerations, burns and repetitive strain injuries.

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